Dennis Lagman

Meet our “everything online” guy, Dennis Lagman.

We shipped Dennis in from Winnipeg to be in charge of Red Canary. On any given day, you can find him doing anything from graphic design to media strategy. He wears a lot of different hats. All at once. It looks really silly.

Things to know about Dennis:

  • He is both a gym rat and buffet enthusiast.
  • Dennis loves architecture and frequents I bet you can’t name a condo or building project he hasn’t heard of!
  • His favourite TV show is The Walking Dead…he’s a zombie guy.
  • Don’t bring Wine Gums around Dennis if you don’t plan on sharing/giving them to him.

Dennis Lagman's Articles

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    18 Mar 2013
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Dennis Lagman's Blog

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    Employee Stock Options 101Posted in
    Date Posted
    5 Mar 2013
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    19 Apr 2012