Mario Laudi

Meet the man running the show: Mario Laudi.

Mario is the Big Kahuna behind Red Canary and the Managing Director of the Laudi Group. He first capitalized on his eye for talent by running hockey and baseball pools before leading IT recruitment firm Bassett Laudi. His company networked with everyone from mega-corporations to local startups. Big box companies never excited Mario the way startups do. Like a true Italian-Canadian Montrealer, passion is important to him.

The secret to Mario’s success: he surrounds himself with the best.

He handpicks his staff and clients to ensure that his team is stacked with all-stars. Mario doesn’t just partner with bright, young companies; he takes entrepreneurs under his wing and nurtures their success.

Look busy! The boss is….

  • a major cyclist who braves the Toronto streets everyday on his
    way to work.
  • a master of the weekend omelet breakfast.
  • the proud parent of two adorable teenagers.
  • like every good Canadian, a huge hockey fan – Go Habs!
  • obsessed with his iPad.

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