Your Managers are Sabotaging your Recruiting – Part 3: Failure to Market the Team

July 31st, 2012 | Posted in by

In my last two posts, we looked at how your managers were undermining your growth objectives, by failing to treat candidates with respect, by being neither prompt nor prepared. Today, we’ll look at another opportunity to impress great candidates that most companies miss, marketing the great people on your team. If you and your managers get this step right, you’ll wow the great people you need for a winning team.

SIN #3 “Let’s focus on you. Never mind about us.”

I had a manager ask me last week why the candidate needed to know who they’d be meeting at the interview. It struck me that this person missed the important fact that a great candidate is doing their own evaluation throughout the interview process. And when talented people evaluate a career opportunity, they want to know who they’ll be working with – especially the prospective boss and their future teammates.

Do you have any idea what someone would learn about your people if they did their own poking around? Do you proactively do anything to ensure that they see your people at their best – as a winning team that they want to be part of?

LinkedIn is your first opportunity to make a great impression. Take a good look at your team’s LinkedIn profiles, and see if they are doing their part to market you as a great employer. Granted, LinkedIn profiles are personally managed and not something that you can control. But you can establish and encourage best practices.

  • Does everyone have a professional-looking photo (nobody wants to work for that guy with the unhappy scowl)?
  • Do they describe the roles they’ve held in your company and with prior organizations?
  • Do they provide links to blogs or personal websites that uncover the real people behind the professional profile?
  • Do you proactively send a candidate links to the profiles of their future teammates and manager?

Remember that hiring is a two-way street. While you’re looking for a new team member, that candidate is also looking for a new boss and great co-workers. You’re both hiring!