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Culture+Purpose is Toronto’s first, and only, talent marketplace. Committed to forming lasting relationships on the basis of culture and purpose, these guys are matching top talent with small companies that are disrupting the tech space. Below is an explanation of how they settled on the name “Culture+Purpose” Have you ever tried to name a company? […]

The Halo Effect. The term was first coined in the 20s to describe the phenomenon whereby we assume that if people are good at A they will be good at B, C and D, (or the reverse – because they are bad at A they will be bad at B, C and D). This distortion begins with our first impressions and influences everything we believe about a person – with little evidence to justify our perception.

There was a study published last year that found recruiters spend an average of six seconds sizing up a resume. Since you can’t possibly read an entire resume in such a short window, your brain relies on a number of tactics to make such snap judgements; psychology calls these heuristics. Heuristics are tools that simplify […]

How do you feel about buffets? I wasn’t a fan until I learned to skip the line and bypass the cheap carbs and fats. Now I go directly to the far end where the expensive meats and seafood are waiting. Somehow, loading up on protein makes me feel better about buffets. But, you don’t want […]

If you’ve never been involved with a technology company, you’ve likely painted a picture in your mind of hooded figures slouched over computers and empty redbull cans overflowing out of the trash. It’s not often that tech companies are associated with sports (let’s be frank, they don’t have a reputation for being the most active […]

The single biggest factor in creating a successful team is not skill, it’s not IQ, it’s diversity – diversity of skill-sets, beliefs and point-of-views. The things, that when diversified, create a team who can see beyond what’s directly in front of them, who can engage in intelligent debates, who quickly move past hurdles and never […]

Hiring is not about consensus

July 23rd, 2014 | | Posted by:

The foundation of any successful business is its people, and if you don’t have an exact recipe for hiring the right person each and every time, it’s risky business. If you’re a small company, one hire can be make or break. I’m sure you’ve read an article or two outlining the average cost of a […]

Last week, Mario Laudi, founder of The Laudi Group and Red Canary, along side Kristina McDougall, presented at MaRS Best Practices. For tips on how to conduct the selection process in order to assemble a high-performance team, and how to recognize what’s preventing you from seeing and hiring the best candidates, check out the recap […]

About 3 out of 4 people who you hire, will turn into unenthusiastic or actively disgruntled dead weight. That’s right, our tech sector is failing miserably when it comes to employee engagement. You may disagree, but this is the truth that came from a survey that we published last month. The short story is that most […]

So, you think you have a critical big budget, long-term project to manage? A recruitment challenge? Try leading Earth’s first Martian colonization. If you haven’t heard, the Mars One foundation plans on establishing the first settlement on Mars by 2023. It’s a $6 Billion project and a pivotal step in human evolution. The trip will […]