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Culture+Purpose is Toronto’s first, and only, talent marketplace. Committed to forming lasting relationships on the basis of culture and purpose, these guys are matching top talent with small companies that are disrupting the tech space. Below is an explanation of how they settled on the name “Culture+Purpose” Have you ever tried to name a company? […]

We All Play for Canada I hope my title didn’t get that irritating Canadian Olympic jingle to play in your head. I didn’t want to do it – but the phrase represents a really important message. If you’re among the fortunate people that enjoy a career in technology, you’re not just lucky. You’re poised to […]

I am 22.

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I’ve been reading the popular LinkedIn Influencer series entitled If I Were 22. Well, I am 22, and while the abundance of career advice is inspiring and optimistic, it highlights a major generational gap. We don’t need career advice. In fact, most of us don’t even have a job. What we need, is a chance.

Resumes are the important but often mis-utilized tool that provides employers with a summary of your skills and experience. Get it right and you land a job with a raise. Get it wrong and you won’t even get an interview. To help make your resume as effective as possible, check out these six tips.

In 2010, I was fresh out of university, and like many of my peers, I spent the summer of that year searching for my first real job. Unfortunately, while four years of studying the humanities had made me great in conversation, it had not made me into a valuable commodity for potential employers.

I receive a lot of emails on a daily basis from people looking for jobs. Either they like a posting they saw on our website, or they want to have a conversation about their ideal next role. I love talking to people about their career aspirations and learning cool things about their current projects, but […]

If you were born after 1968, please don’t read this. Many of my friends have worked in the tech sector for decades. Of late, hardly a week goes by without one of them reaching out for a conversation. They want advice on job hunting when you’re… ‘mature’.

Oh the joys of summer! School’s out and it’s time to dip into the working world for the next three months. Problem is, that job fell through and now you’re unemployed. You assumed that because you go to a good university, getting a “good” summer job would be a piece of cake.

As a recruiter, I see more employment offers in a few months than most people will see in their lifetime – and I’ve seen it all! Whether you’re senior or junior, an executive or an administrator, how you evaluate a job offer is critical: it is not just about the money. Once you decide that […]

What you have to understand – as a young student about to struggle for your first real job: Employers are in the midst of an all out panic attack. And it’s your fault. Really. The bond between an employer and employee can run very deep. It is a very reciprocal relationship: you get what you […]