I just returned from two weeks in Peru. It’s a beautiful country with a rich diversity of jungles, deserts, beaches, urban life, and Machu Pichu, of course. The journey was insightful on many fronts, but especially because we did most of it, unplugged. Cellular service was sporadic at best, and in our three days in […]

I am 22.

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I’ve been reading the popular LinkedIn Influencer series entitled If I Were 22. Well, I am 22, and while the abundance of career advice is inspiring and optimistic, it highlights a major generational gap. We don’t need career advice. In fact, most of us don’t even have a job. What we need, is a chance.

Charles Plant – seasoned executive with a Chartered Accountant’s designation, an undergraduate degree from U of T and an MBA in marketing from McMaster University – chats with Red Canary about his experiences and moving forward with MaRS’ Market Readiness program.

Red Canary brings together the former employees (and now successful tech execs) of a “no money, no customers and no business plan” startup that found a way to win.

Three experts discuss the strengths, weaknesses and approaches of the Agile framework in a Q&A round table.

People: Kevin Dwyer

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The (former) CEO of Shoplogix talks about what’s changed — and what sells — when it comes to early-stage success.

Red Canary’s career coach talks to Alison Leung, brand manager of Dove, to find out how her job makes a positive impact in the lives of others.

Charles Plant of Q1 Capital Partners talks about the barriers facing Canadian technology companies. “Right now, we are starving our emerging companies for capital.”