Resume Tips

Resumes are the important but often mis-utilized tool that provides employers with a summary of your skills and experience. Get it right and you land a job with a raise. Get it wrong and you won’t even get an interview. To help make your resume as effective as possible, check out these six tips.

Do You Even Code, Bro?

February 13th, 2013 | | Posted by:

I was at a job fair when I overheard this bearded guy ask, “Do you even code, bro?” (referencing the do you even lift, meme). It was the classic confrontation between a veteran hacker who’d forgotten what it’s like to start out, and a young guy in search of a job. Ugh, I thought. This […]

How’s your resume? Will it get you a better job? Or just another one? Follow these Red Canary tips and you’ll land a job you love and get a better offer too!

In case you hadn’t heard, a holy host of site and blog creation tools make it easy to tack your resume to the infinite cork-board that is the World Wide Web.

After that, recruiters and hiring managers are sure to find you and offer suitcases full of money.

Perhaps not, but if you’re unemployed, maintaining a professional online profile isn’t salient, it’s borderline inexcusable.