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Where Are They Now? Part IV

February 8th, 2012 | | Posted by:

In our last installment of “Where Are They Now?” Red Canary got eco-friendly with two of the green start-ups we had profiled in the past. This week we’re looking back at two businesses dedicated to improving global issues; Exit West & TakingITGlobal. Both charitable organizations help support international development, focusing on different demographics. We’re checking […]

Where Are They Now? Part III

January 23rd, 2012 | | Posted by:

For the third installment of our “Where Are They Now?” series, Red Canary is going green. We’re checking in with two of the green energy companies we profiled back in 2009 to see what they are up to today. Ecobee and Bullfrog Power were both making headlines by conserving energy, but were their businesses as […]

Where Are They Now? Part II

January 16th, 2012 | | Posted by:

Last week we checked in with two beauty and fashion focused start-ups we had profiled back in 2006. Time revealed that the two companies birthed out of similar ideas had grown in completely different directions. You can read about them here.

This week we’re looking back to 2007- the year of the Youtube boom and Britney Spears’ shaved head- to see what came of two of the network service start ups we predicted would hit the big time (and yes, I am using a Britney Spears haircut a historical reference).

Where Are They Now?

January 6th, 2012 | | Posted by:

Have you ever wondered what came of the start-ups we profiled in the past? Now that it’s 2012, Red Canary felt it was time to check in with the businesses we watched take off over the last half decade. Read about which great ideas became great companies and which failed to launch.

We don’t trust big companies anymore, says Peter Bregman. And that means opportunities for small, personable companies who do the little things — like pick up the phone. In Peter’s opinion “Trust is the new competitive advantage.”

Alan interviews entrepreneur, investor, and online host of CBC’s Dragons’ Den, Sean Wise. He shares his thoughts on selling products and ideas.

Red Canary brings together the former employees (and now successful tech execs) of a “no money, no customers and no business plan” startup that found a way to win.

Know thy VC

November 1st, 2006 | | Posted by:

A lesson learned over lunch, or, “three reasons why VCs invest in a company”. “I had lunch last week with a VC-hired CEO on the verge of having his company sold. We spoke about many things…the buyer, his next career move, and the abysmal track record of Canadian VCs…”

Charles Plant of Q1 Capital Partners talks about the barriers facing Canadian technology companies. “Right now, we are starving our emerging companies for capital.”

Craig Fitzpatrick, CEO of Devshop shares his experience leading a small company.