There is a common misconception that top performances are the result of hard-work. It’s assumed that, as long as we hire people with exceptional work-ethic, they’ll succeed qwzr7fg. While this assumption may be true from time to time, it isn’t hard-work that dictates success. There’s another crucial variable that’s mandatory for every great performance. Passion.

Hirefully Salary Surveys!

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Do you ever wonder about salaries in the Toronto tech sector? If so, we’ve got answers for you. Our friends at Hirefully polled hundreds of applicants as they applied to job postings on LinkedIn. The question was simple: “Based on your knowledge of the market, what’s a good salary range for this position?” Their responses […]

Hey DevTO member, We really should get to know each other better. Why? So we can help you get where you want to go. Have you noticed that some employers are obsessed with hiring the perfect resume? Maybe you’ve had interviews and missed out because you lacked one small skill. It doesn’t have to be […]

As part of our look at Toronto-based code academies, we sat down to chat with Heather Payne. Payne is the founder of Ladies Learning Code and HackerYou, two organizations that are making it easy for everyone to learn how to code. “Literally the easiest way to become more employable or become a better knowledge worker […]

*we promised to note that this pic was taken during Movember As the Internet becomes increasingly important to how people work and create businesses, coding academies are springing up around the globe. These institutions aren’t constrained by the traditional college model and are accessible to a wider variety of students. In Toronto, the choices are […]

In 2010, I was fresh out of university, and like many of my peers, I spent the summer of that year searching for my first real job. Unfortunately, while four years of studying the humanities had made me great in conversation, it had not made me into a valuable commodity for potential employers.

2012 R&D Salary Survey We surveyed hundreds of professionals from technology companies in Southwestern Ontario who work in Software Development, Engineering, Quality Assurance Systems and Network Administration. For Engineers and Developers, we broke down the data into a range of different variables to see what impact experience, type of employment, company size, location, and job […]

This may come as a shock, but our Canadian tech companies may not be great places to work. “But hold the phone!” you say. “What about our super cool coffee machines and our team excursions to the paintball park? We let our guys wear grubby old t-shirts and flip-flops to work. How could they NOT […]

2012 R&D Salary Survey

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Do you ever wonder what our local software companies pay their people? Are you looking for salary ranges for jobs in software development, systems engineering or quality assurance? If so, this is your chance to get some answers broken down by technology, region, seniority and experience. To get in on this action, you’ll need to give us 10 clicks and maybe 60 seconds of your time.

Do you have a job or a career? Do your peers show up for work, or are they fully engaged in their work? Help us find out and you could win dinner on us!

We’ve teamed up with Material Minds to measure Employee Engagement in Ontario’s tech companies. It’s a big project that will enhance the quality of working life for all of us in the sector. Our first step requires 60 seconds of your time.