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Paul Osman is a developer evangelist working for a not-so-little company called SoundCloud. The company is based in Berlin with offices all over the world, but Paul works from his home office in Toronto.

We were interested in the culture, how this global team stays connected, and what it’s like working remotely. We thought you might be too.

ShopLocket is the ecommerce platform that allows you to sell anything anywhere on the web. Users simply register, choose a theme, upload pictures and details, embed and BAM! You’re selling. It’s more professional than Craigslist, and more affordable than Shopify. Launched in late April, ShopLocket has seen serious traction, recently surpassing 5000 users. We talked […]

There are nearly 500 CTOs in Toronto. Simon Palmer is one of the best. Simon is the kind of leader that every software engineer wants for a boss. As CTO for Empathica, he leads a team that’s built on passion, intellect and potential. They’re a bright bunch and they’re doing big things. If you’ve been […]

What’s the Deal with TeamBuy?

September 15th, 2011 | Company Profiles | Posted by:

Meet TeamBuy. The Canadian front-runner in the group coupon website craze. Get to know the team behind the site and learn how they plan to stay ahead of the pack.

There are a ton of great Canadian startups on Twitter and we want to get to know each and every one.

The list below doesn’t include every startup in Canada, so we want need you to help us out by giving us your favourite active startup(s) on Twitter. We want this to be the go-to source to those looking to follow new and upcoming companies!

Next time you get handed a receipt, take a closer look. If you’ve just visited a Shoppers Drug Mart, Canadian Tire, or any number of other major Canadian retailers or restaurants, you will see at the bottom of that slip of paper a message that directs you to complete an online customer service survey.

Chances are the company behind that URL is Empathica, a company that for the past decade has been on the leading edge of measuring and mining customer satisfaction. As invisible as it is ubiquitous—last year it surveyed some 30 million customers—Mississauga-based Empathica uses savvy web application development to help retailers collect customer feedback.

Desire2Learn is proof that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. One year after settling a long-standing patent dispute with e-learning software giant Blackboard Inc., the Kitchener, Ont.-based Desire2Learn has emerged with a renewed sense of purpose.

Startups that stay up do two things well. They solve real problems. And they do so for real markets. Toronto’s PushLife is facing a massive opportunity to put music on 98% of the planet’s mobile devices.

Red Canary talks to Pamela Hilborn, Kobo’s VP of Design and User Experience. Take a walk through her compelling Q&A as we pose a series of questions that will help you see and learn how Kobo’s eReading products are bringing “more” Canada to the world.

As the world looks for ways to monetize social media, Waterloo’s PostRank offers innovative solutions to publishers, media and ad firms. Kristina McDougall of the Laudi Group has coffee with CEO Carol Leaman to learn more about this local start-up.