Interviews and ShopTalks

As part of our look at Toronto-based code academies, we sat down to chat with Heather Payne. Payne is the founder of Ladies Learning Code and HackerYou, two organizations that are making it easy for everyone to learn how to code. “Literally the easiest way to become more employable or become a better knowledge worker […]

*we promised to note that this pic was taken during Movember As the Internet becomes increasingly important to how people work and create businesses, coding academies are springing up around the globe. These institutions aren’t constrained by the traditional college model and are accessible to a wider variety of students. In Toronto, the choices are […]

Paul Osman is a developer evangelist working for a not-so-little company called SoundCloud. The company is based in Berlin with offices all over the world, but Paul works from his home office in Toronto.

We were interested in the culture, how this global team stays connected, and what it’s like working remotely. We thought you might be too.

There are nearly 500 CTOs in Toronto. Simon Palmer is one of the best. Simon is the kind of leader that every software engineer wants for a boss. As CTO for Empathica, he leads a team that’s built on passion, intellect and potential. They’re a bright bunch and they’re doing big things. If you’ve been […]

Canadians watch a lot of video. In fact, we watch more videos than most countries. It’s big and growing fast. Check out our ShopTalk with local experts, Chris Becker of Filemobile; Allison Laux of Quizative; and Manuel Rodriguez of Unikron, to find why this rich media channel is hotter than ever.

Glass ceilings, unique challenges and leadership differences with respect to gender. See what top women in technology Kim Tremblay (Blue Coat), Joanne Poirier (Eloqua) and Carol Leaman (PostRank) have to say in this month’s ShopTalk.

New buzz words, evolving brands and KPIs. See what Interactive Agency leaders Daryl Aitken (Dashboard Communications), Chance Harrington ( and Alex Pejcic (Sonic Boom Creative Media) have to say about these in this month’s ShopTalk.

Welcome to ShopTalk. This is the place where smart people from the neighbourhood share their ideas on a whole range of subjects. The premise is simple: Laudi Group assembles a panel from the local tech sector. Red Canary asks them all a handful of questions. And you get to see, not just one person’s perspective, […]

Influential campaigns, marketing trends, successes and metric matters – find out what Toronto’s leaders in Software Marketing have to say by checking out this month’s ShopTalk with April Dunford (Rocket Launch Marketing), Cadman Chui (formerly of PlateSpin Ltd.) and Tony Hocevar (Clarity Systems.)

Development teams, rock-star programmers, career lessons, and outrageous hiring stories – check out this month’s Shoptalk as we chat with local Research & Development leaders KL Wong (Algorithmics), Corey Reid (FreshBooks), Farhan Thawar (Xtreme Labs) and Brandon Kane (Angoss Software Corporation).