FAQ: Employers

What’s up with Red Canary and The Laudi Group?

The Laudi Group is an executive search firm that publishes Red Canary, one of Canada’s top websites for emerging tech companies. The brains behind the Laudi Group decided to put the site together since they realize how difficult it is for start-ups to compete with big recruiting machines like Google and Facebook.

Big companies dominate the market and hire the cream of the crop. We want to level the playing field for our partners – the smaller, high growth local companies that are driving innovation and who are offering some of the best opportunities for today’s talent. By aggregating jobs from dozens of early-stage companies on our site, we’re betting we can help you attract and hire a lot of great talent.

Why is Red Canary and The Laudi Group providing cheap postings?

Our goal is to enable the growth of our partners, by delivering great talent. Our core business is strategic and executive level search for tech companies. It is targeted and intense work, finding the best in a small hidden talent pool. When it comes to recruits at the less senior tactical levels, recruiting is about driving traffic and clever sorting – a challenge that can be solved with some smarts, creativity and technology.

We also know that by driving great young talent into smaller, high-growth companies, we are building better leaders and innovators for tomorrow. And that is good sustainable business for us – and for you.

How will Red Canary get the attention of fresh grads and juniors?

It all begins with having enough of the right content – including lots of great, unique jobs. That’s why we want your junior jobs on Red Canary. Behind the scenes, we’ll be working on a variety of marketing and social media campaigns to drive traffic to your postings. If we do it right, they’ll see your posting, bookmark Red Canary and come back again and again, just like our other visitors.

How will red Canary get the attention of more experienced job seekers?

Talk to one of the recruiters at The Laudi Group and they’ll provide you with a strategy, based on the role and how to get the attention of the best candidates.

Why should I post with Red Canary?

Red Canary is the best way to get in front of 4000+ people employed with tech companies in the Greater Toronto and Kitchener Waterloo areas. We’ve been talking to these good people since 2007. They look to us for all kinds of local surveys and insight.

What happens if my job is still open after the 30 days?

You can extend your posting for a nominal fee based on who you are and whether we like you or not. Why are you paying to post again? Because the audience would rather see fresh jobs as opposed to stale ones. If you want to re-post, it’s smart to revamp your posting, and maybe work with us to figure out why it didn’t attract the right people to begin with.

How will applicants connect with me?

Candidate info will be sent to you directly via the email address your provide in the account registration process. You will be the only point of contact with prospective candidates.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes. Lots. But, we’re keeping it really simple for now. We’ll soon be adding new tools and processes to make recruiting better, faster and easier. Stay tuned!