FAQ: Job Seekers

Who am I?

Well, that’s a rather large, philosophical question you may need a long walk on a beach to ponder, but objectively speaking: you’re looking for a career in the tech industry. You’re full of energy and talent that are ready to be put to use. Not to give you a fat head or anything but you’re pretty darn smart. You know that finding the right opportunity at the right company will launch your career in the right direction.

Why am I here?

You’re here because bank life isn’t for you. You don’t want to work at a big corporation that farms their employees like cattle. Red Canary works with a different breed of companies. Companies that require you to show initiative and break free from the herd. You’ll get face time with the CEO, technical training from the team lead, and learn more in 2 months than your first 2 years of university combined.

Where’s here, exactly?

Red Canary is a website and online community that focuses on the emerging tech sector of southwestern Ontario. It hosts job postings, articles, surveys and opinions to keep people up-to-date in an insanely fast-paced industry.

What will Red Canary do for me?

Think of Red Canary as a professional dating site- much in the same way Linkedin is professional Facebook. We provide you with profiles of cool tech companies looking for hot tech talent, and match you based on your skill set and cultural fit.

We give you tools to create a custom portfolio hosted on the Red Canary site. The portfolios are designed to highlight your talent and skills. Employers can search to find you too, doubling your chances of finding the right job.

What kind of companies post jobs this site?

The majority are emerging tech companies from around the GTA and Waterloo. We here at Red Canary are a lot like you- we want to work with smart, passionate people so we pick our partners accordingly. The companies very in the types of technologies they use but are all highly innovative with big dreams for the future.

I’m scared – will you hold my hand?

Sure- if by ‘hold my hand’ you mean ‘provide me with the tips and tricks I need to help me land the job I want’ by all means! In addition to articles about companies and the industry, Red Canary has helpful resume and hiring tips of trade.