How Hot is the Job Market? LinkedIn Knows. Now You Will Too.

May 9th, 2011 | Posted in Surveys by

How’s the local tech sector treating you? Do you know if it’s up, down, or flat? Well… now, there’s an app for that. We found an elegantly simple app that taps your LinkedIn network and tracks how many of your connections got promoted, changed jobs, or started something new in 2011, 2010, or 2009. It’s not a perfect barometer, but it provides an illuminating perspective on your job market. And here’s the best news – it looks like 2011 will be a very good year for career mobility and development.

Scroll through the slider below and you’ll see the figures we collected from six personal networks associated with our local sector: three execs employed with tech companies and three seasoned recruiters who specialize in this market. All of them made their LinkedIn networks of 500+ connections available to the
Year in Review (YIR) app from LinkedIn Labs. As you scroll through the slider, bear in mind these figures reflect every change a connection makes to their profile regarding employment status and employers.

Tech Recruiters
  • Recruitment Results - Introduction

  • Kristina McDougall

  • Heather Holmes

  • Penny Curtis

Software Execs
  • Nicole German

  • Jennifer Ricci

  • Dave Simons

How hot is the market? YIR revealed that our tech sector improved dramatically from 2009 to 2010… and that Q1/11 kept the pace with the previous year. Interestingly, the HR/Recruitment sample for 2011 shows that career activity is trending ahead of the 2010 with 32% more career moves, while the rest of the networks seem to be flattening.

We weren’t surprised to discover that HR/Recruitment samples showed more mobility than the others. After all their networks are over-represented with people who join(ed) new companies.

You have to wonder what these figures really mean. Does our talent pool appear shallow because so many people moved last year and have no desire to move again? Will things get hotter? Cool off? What do you think? Help us shed some light on the matter. Go to and send us your numbers today by providing them in the comments section below!